ShowMe Office 365

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ShowMeTM Office 365

ShowMe solutions implement what we call 'Just-in-Time Learning' for your users. Our solutions are embedded in your enterprise software, such as SharePoint and Dynamics CRM, and they provide context-sensitive, on-demand, bite-size videos that show your users how to complete tasks and processes. Furthermore, you can customize the content so that it meets your specific needs, such as adding your own training, targeting it to end users, and analysing the results!

Our ShowMe solutions are proven to:

  • Increase user adoption of enterprise software
  • Decrease training costs to a fraction of what is normally required to roll out enterprise software
  • Increase user productivity while they start using new or upgraded enterprise software
  • Decrease support and help-desk costs by providing help and learning 'in-context' and 'on-demand'

ShowMe Office 365 helps end users get the most out of Office 365 by delivering on-demand video training and context-sensitive help. With videos integrated into Office 365 and being fully searchable, learning content is easily discoverable. Along with our 1,000+ ‘out-of-the-box’ videos, you can easily add your own training and customize the ShowMe user experience with very simple steps.

Key benefits

ShowMe Office 365 provides:

  • An always up-to-date, and ever-growing training video library
  • Your users can browse or search through an ever-growing library of How-To videos integrated right within SharePoint. As we add new videos, they become available to you automatically. You can even include these videos in other learning systems
  • Libraries for Office 2013 client applications
  • ShowMe Office 365 includes over 1,000 on-demand videos for SharePoint, Yammer, Excel, Word, PowerPoint, Lync, Outlook, OneNote, and Windows 8
  • Context-sensitive and personalized user experiences
  • We target videos for your users to watch depending on what tasks they are currently performing, and you can customize and add additional targeting with just a few clicks. Furthermore, users can create a personalized My Learning list to keep track of common tasks at their fingertips
  • An affordable learning solution
  • We provide practical training for an affordable price. You don't have to send your users to expensive and theoretical classroom based training. They can be productive right away
  • A customizable and flexible platform for delivering custom training
  • You can easily add your own custom training or link to any digital content (such as videos, documents, presentations, and so on). You can also customize the ShowMe Office 365 user interface and navigation. Also, with just a few clicks, you can target any training to your users the way you want
  • Usage insight
  • You can quickly see which training is popular and what users are viewing through easy-to-use reporting and charting
  • Flexible deployment for your corporate environment or Office 365
  • Bonus libraries for Yammer and Windows 8 included

ShowMe Office 365 can easily be installed in an on premise deployment of SharePoint 2013 or in SharePoint Online for Office 365.


What does it cost?

Just £1 per month per user this is a complete no brainer to ANY Office 365 user

Microsoft continue to release new capabilities and features to Office 365 all most weekly, ShowMeOffice365 will deliver continuous upgrades in sync with these releases. So as the platform delivers more your users can immediately benefit.

You will get continuous updates and synced learning for features at your fingertips!

  • Continued delivery of learning content and services.
  • Automatic content updates (such as new videos).
  • Continued access to our powerful learning platform (ShowMe Studio).
  • Perpetual updates to the ShowMe Studio learning platform.
  • Cloud bandwidth and storage for their custom content.