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Respond365 (or Rapid Enterprise SharePoint Portal ON Demand 365) is a sophisticated out of the box, fast deployment Enterprise class Intranet natively built on Office 365. It transforms Office 365 and SharePoint into a full featured operational hub that drives higher employee productivity, collaboration and communication.

  • Turnkey Intranet Portal
  • Office 365/Server/Hybrid Deployment
  • Corporate Governance framework
  • Enhanced SP Online & Hybrid Management
  • Compliant Style options
  • Responsive design for mobile devices
  • Pick your Content Components
  • Active Content architecture keeps organisational content fresh

Respond365 turns Office 365 and SharePoint into a vibrant, dynamic and flexible portal that serves as the hub for your organisation’s communication, collaboration and internal services. SP Intranet 365 is a next generation Intranet portal constructed from inception to provide active and relevant content out of the box on Office 365. It is an "Active Intranet" design that automatically monitors and reviews content to detect, capture and push important operational events and announcements to the Intranet home page. It also can be customised so that back office systems are monitored for new content. It can uniquely provide this content because it’s not just an Intranet. Respond365 is a complete Intranet structure delivered as separate but integrated modules that include:

  • Intranet portal
  • Employee Self-Service
  • Internal services departments (HR, IT, Admin)
  • Board portal
  • Projects
  • CRM
  • Customer service portal
  • Forms portal

Building blocks of Respond365

Code-free toolkit delivering powerful applications to meet your business demands.

  • IW Forms - Use your browser to extend existing forms with tabbed interface, tab and column permissions, repeating sections, electronic signatures and much more.
  • IW Processes - Use your browser to set up importing data from emails and databases, implement advanced business logic, print and convert to PDF.
  • IW Reporting - Use your browser to set up fully customised alerts, conditional formatting, color-coded calendars, KPIs, progress bars and charts.
  • DC Office Gateways - Linking SharePoint to Word and Excel to drive better integration.
  • ISS Site Manager, TermSync, News Platforms.

Compliance First

Compliance is a big word on Office 365, it covers all the areas highlighted in the Overview of the Office 365 Security & Compliance Center but it also covers best practise for the development, configuration, management of the Office 365 platform and the content that it consumes. It’s important when designing and deploying SharePoint structures like Respond365 that a solid Information Architecture framework is in place to maximise the value of the content and minimise the effort needed to keep it in good shape. Respond365 has some unique provisioning application called Site Manager that controls, simplifies and automates the creation of Sites within your SharePoint Tenancy. This solution provides a command and control solution to not only control site proliferation, but also site collection and site structures and all their associated Information Architecture, optimising the usefulness of this content through its lifecycle.

  • Enables a user to submit a request for a Site/Site Collection to be created.
  • The add-in maintains a library of Site Templates that the user may select from when requesting a site. These Site Template may be scoped to a site collection and/or subsite request, or subsite request.
  • Requests are monitored through their business approval workflow providing all roles with feedback.
  • Site Templates - are used to model and provision artifacts when a site is created. The site creation solution creates the requested site and then applies the user selected template, provisioning artefacts such as site columns, content types, list definitions and instances, composed looks, pages, and much more.
  • A library of Site Templates is provided by the Site Creation add-in, they are selected as part of a request for a site.

An "Active" Intranet that is part of your Operation

Now when any important event occurs an alert can be generated that pushes a news item for any targeted audience, with a little configuration appropriate Content Administrators are alerted via email where they can review the information. This activated response workflow significantly speeds up the creation, approval and targeting of news items so they get to the people who need them, when they need them.

Choose a layout; assemble your Content Components

Respond365’s next generation design allows an organisation to assemble its own Intranet portal by choosing from several layouts, basic branding and populating the page from the Content Components Catalogue during the configuration stage of the offering.

Using this component-based approach, configuring sophisticated Intranets now becomes significantly easier, quicker and more effective than ever before. Additionally, unlike other Intranet offerings built with their own user interface layer, Respond365 delivers a rich, mobile responsive, intuitive user experience with native Office 365 branding as recommended by Microsoft guidelines. The result is an integrated interface that is a natural part of Office 365. In fact, Respond365 is designed to leverage new Microsoft core services like Delve, Groups, Office 365 Planner etc. as they evolve and become available, maximising your evergreen benefits.

An Enterprise depth solution

Beyond the home page, there is a full Intranet Structure for your entire organisation including community sites, blog, and departments. Each department can deploy their own department portal from the Department Template, which gives staff a centre for receiving and tracking service requests, managing documents, staff schedules, and tasks, and offers an employee-facing service portal to employees.

Employee and department staff productivity greatly improves with the Employee Self-Service Portal, a sub portal of the Intranet that includes Help Central (a central help desk to all departments), Service Central (a central place for frequently used business processes like Time Off, Expenses etc.) and Approvals Central, a portal for management approval processing.

Respond365-an enterprise depth solution


A number of different configurations of Respond365 are available that are tailored and priced to meet most organisation’s needs.

  • Resond365 for Business
    • Small, Medium, Enterprise
  • Resond365 Government
    • Employee Services
    • Citizen Request System
    • Community Portals
  • Resond365 for None Profits
    • Employee Services
    • Central Request Services
    • Community Portals


The beauty of our approach with Respond365 is that we have very carefully kept the solution to be 100% platform compliant yet beautifully usable out of the box. This makes Respond365 a fantastic yet safe place to start your own customisations, once you have completed the initial phase of deploying the solution OOTB you can much more easily start your Gap Analysis for the other things you want to achieve.

SharePoint is a huge platform, with great opportunities to implement additional features and capabilities, but Respond365b will provide a “strong foundation and framework” on which to implement these other things. Remember Respond365 also includes some significant “advanced features and facilities” that you don’t get with Standard Office 365, which if used correctly could further accelerate the development of your target solution.

As a seasoned Microsoft Gold partner with 12 years plus experience of working with Microsoft SharePoint and more recently the Azure cloud platform, we have a very strong consulting and development team. This team provide a wide range of traditional Azure/SharePoint centric services to our partners and clients.

To align with Respond365’s rapid deployment approach and as a way to simplify deployment, we offer some Raspond365 aligned packed service packs too:

  • Business Transformation Roadmap Service
  • Intranet Design and Deployment
  • Service Department(s) Module Deployment
  • Data Migration Services
  • Data Integration Services

See below for more details.

Business Transformation Services

  • Best Practices Approach to Cloud Deployment
  • Developed from over 50 implementations
  • Leverage Office 365 as a core part of your business
  • Roadmap through complete implementation
  • Map your structure and processes to SP Business Suite modules

Moving to the cloud with the Office 365 Platform is just the start. Many organisations initially move their email, office applications, and basic collaboration (document sharing etc.) to Office 365 and stop there. That is like buying a Ferrari and only driving it 25 mph to the grocery store. It is using only a small portion of the platform, leaving the full productivity opportunities on the table.

Infostrata’s Business Transformation Services provide your organisation with the Roadmap, Implementation Plan, and Best Practices to realise the full potential of the Office 365 Platform using Respond365. After over 50 Office 365 implementations we have learned what works and doesn’t, in realising the full potential of the cloud. Implementing Respond365 is the accelerated start to realising the productivity from fully leveraging Office 365.

Beyond just portals and applications

Setting up an Intranet structure that enhances communications, collaboration and automates business processes is more than an Intranet portal and some document storage. It starts with the right structure, which is designed in the context of your organisation. Second, it involves education within your organisation and support from executive management. Finally, it involves proven best practices for planning and implementation in phases, which evaluate current processes, existing systems and new collaboration opportunities.

Beyond just portals and applications

Infostrata’s Business Transformation Services work with your team to design the right Roadmap and deployment phases. We bring the experience, product knowledge and business process know-how to de-risk your deployment. We work with you to define objectives and goals of the deployment and educate your management team on the capabilities and benefits of the cloud. We assess and map your current organisational structure to the Respond365’s modules and architecture. Using best practices, we work with your team to prioritise module implementations and provide design services to suite the customisations needed. Additionally, we can provide data and content migration services into the new cloud structure.

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