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News is valuable, yet hard for organisations and individuals to stay on top of, we all have different needs and wishes and there’s far too much news for us to churn through it all. News Huddle is a new concept to the world of community communications. It’s brings together powerful information searching, aggregation, harmonisation and distribution capabilities to provide information consumers, with what they want, when they need it, wherever they are.

Built as a SharePoint App. News Huddle leverages the powerful features of SharePoint or SharePoint online (Office 365) to aggregate, engage, promote and display, news and information in a secure, manageable and scalable way.

News Huddle searches those sources of news that your organisation and your users are really interested in, then delivers the content to you in an easy and convenient way. It allows both your organisation and users to “push and pull” content in a highly granular way to satisfy most needs. With comprehensive source coverage, you pull and organise info/news in from various sources with full control over security, look and feel from RSS, all SharePoint Lists and SharePoint Search.

Any news source can be displayed the way you want, via a powerful templating engine. See only the news your users want to see by subscribing to the sources you want. News is categorised for ease of navigation. With a little creative thinking News Huddle could be configured to aggregate lots of different information like, rolling up tasks and events as you want them, or data for dashboards!


We have loads of ideas about how we can help improve just in time delivery of information to users and organisations by targeting both with just in time content that’s both simple to consume and manage.

  • Planned additional Sources include - Yammer, Weather, and Twitter.
  • Content management and engagement include: Template designer, SP social, SP rating, comments, Article sharing, send emails and more.

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  • On-premise SharePoint
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