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Office 365 Active Directory Integration and Single Sign-on

  • Cut Complexity
  • High Availability Mode for Federating Identities from Active Directory to Office 365
  • Global Infrastructure, EU hosting option, and a 99.99% Uptime Guarantee
  • Single Sign-on Across Desktops, Outlook, Mobile and Lync
  • Seamless SSO on SharePoint
  • Real-time User Provisioning
  • Real-time De-provisioning and Compliance Reporting
  • Secure Access with MFA and Security Policies
  • Unify Multi-forest Topologies and Mixed Directory Types
  • Self Service Password Reset

Federated Identity for Office 365 - All the security. None of the pain

Integrating Office 365 with Active Directory using Microsoft’s native solution set requires the setup and maintenance of a complex, dedicated infrastructure. Furthermore, the Office 365 SLA is meaningless unless IT can maintain a highly available AD FS deployment – which is often predicated on load balancing multiple sets of servers, deploying SQL Server, a storage solution, and a global traffic management solution.

LogOn365 cuts out the complexity and costs of Federating Active Directory to Office 365, enabling IT to easily beat the Office 365 uptime SLA, while providing the business with stronger security and compliance. LogOn365 for Office 365 is a turnkey solution that seamlessly connects Active Directory with Office 365 and provides users with single sign-on for the web, Outlook, Lync and mobile mail clients.

Cut Complexity – Goodbye FIM, DirSync and AD FS

Cut Complexity

LogOn365 automatically configures Office 365 Azure tenants to point to LogOn365 for any authentication requests, thus becoming the identity provider for Office 365. No dedicated IT infrastructure is required to support LogOn365’s superior architecture that scales out to millions of Office 365 users and thousands of Organizational Units (OUs).

LogOn365 for Office 365 requires only one on-premises component; the LogOn365 Active Directory Connector (ADC). The ADC installs as a simple Windows service that subscribes to change notifications instead of scanning the full directory. Office 365 user updates appear in seconds and there’s no need for a dedicated server. The ADC also enables Desktop SSO (Integrated Windows Authentication) into Office 365, further minimizing network complexity.

High Availability Mode for Federating Identities from Active Directory to Office 365

Many users do the majority of their work in Office 365 and have zero tolerance for downtime. The LogOn365 ADC has a High Availability feature that allows customers to set multiple connectors to run in parallel. If a customer server hosting the primary ADC goes down, one of the secondary connectors is automatically promoted to be the primary ADC. Administrators can also manually promote ADCs, or bring them online or offline from LogOn365. If a major disaster does strike and Active Directory connectivity is lost, Admins can set LogOn365 to compare a user’s password against the last available hash.

Global Infrastructure, EU hosting option, and a 99.99% Uptime Guarantee

Global Infrastructure

LogOn365 supports complex directory infrastructures for some of the most demanding public companies in the world. No planned downtime and no single-point-of-failure means redundancy at every tier: DNS, data centers, application servers and database servers. LogOn365 also provides customers with an EU hosting option that meets European data residency and compliance standards.

Single Sign-on Across Desktops, Outlook, Mobile and Lync

Single Sign On

LogOn365 leverages Microsoft’s Integrated Windows Authentication to authenticate users to LogOn365 when they are logged in to their corporate network. When employees are on the corporate network and signed in with their Windows credentials, they can use Desktop SSO (from a PC or Mac) to get one-click access to Office 365 and other applications. There’s no need for additional usernames or passwords, just like on-premise apps.

LogOn365 for Office 365 also seamlessly connects into Lync as well as rich clients, such as Outlook for Windows, Mac OS and mobile mail clients for Windows Mobile, iPhone, Android and Blackberry. Once Office 365 is connected to Active Directory via LogOn365, users with rich clients can access email using their existing Windows credentials.

Seamless SSO on SharePoint

Seamless SSO on SharePoint

Custom hybrid application development, such as a highly customized SharePoint deployment, often requires a single authentication token to be used both in the cloud and behind the firewall. For custom applications that require the simultaneous authentication of on-premises and cloud services, LogOn365 can pass a single sign-on token across hybrid applications for a seamless single sign-on experience.

Real-time User Provisioning and Office 365 License Pairing

LogOn365 for Office 365 eliminates the need for Microsoft DirSync, and allows Admins to manage everything through the LogOn365 dashboard and Office 365 admin console. LogOn365’s automatic user provisioning allows a large user base to be quickly paired up with Office 365 licenses without having to manually update each user individually. Deep user provisioning capabilities allow IT to create custom mappings based on Active Directory Groups, define role-based access to Office 365, as well as provision one or more application licenses within Office 365.

A preview feature reassures Admins by showing them which users will be affected by their mappings. Admins can also manually add new Office 365 users without having to modify Active Directory – great for providing Office 365 access to temporary workers or external consultants.

Real-time De-provisioning and Compliance Reporting

Real Time De-provisioning

Real-time Office 365 provisioning is incredibly useful when people join an organization, but absolutely critical when they leave. With LogOn365, Admins can instantly disable Office 365 user access for leavers in real time by removing them from Active Directory, and there’s no need to check back later.

This is critical as Office 365 can allow back-door access through protocols like IMAP. Unless the user is immediately disabled, unwarranted access can occur. Best of all, a one-click report verifies the Office 365 user has been de-provisioned, satisfying compliance and audit requirements.

Secure Access with MFA and Security Policies

Admins can easily add an extra layer of security to Office 365 with LogOn365’s free one-time password (OTP) app for smartphones, which submits the one-time password out-of-band with the push of the button. There’s no need for an MFA Server or hard tokens. LogOn365 has a free SMS-based two-factor option, as well as pre-integrations with Google Authenticator, DUO Security, RSA, SafeNet, Symantec, VASCO and Yubico.

Admins have fine-grained security policy controls which allow them to restrict Office 365 access by IP address, and enforce Multi-Factor Authentication from unknown browsers or for off network access– all of which can be assigned on a per user, group or global basis.

Unify Multi-forest Topologies and Mixed Directory Types

LogOn365 for Office 365 supports multi-forest topologies and mixed directory types including any number of Active Directory and LDAP instances as well as cloud directories like Workday and Google Apps. LogOn365 can combine mixed directory types and present them as a unified meta-directory, verifying users against all directories and granting appropriate Office 365 access.

Self Service Password Reset

Most companies have security requirements that enforce regular password changes. Frequently these changes can only be made by an employee when they are physically located at their office workstation. When a user’s password expires, LogOn365 enables the employee to change their password from the cloud and synchronizes this change across Active Directory, the LogOn365 portal, as well Office 365 and other apps secured by LogOn365.

What does it cost?

Starter Plan £1 per user/month

  • Active Directory integration
  • Outlook integration
  • Mobile mail client integration
  • Multi-factor authentication
  • SSO for upto 5 apps
  • Lync integration
  • LogOn365 Mobile
  • LogOn365 Mobile OTP
  • Free setup and support
  • 99.99% uptime guarantee