Dell Software

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Infostrata Solutions have been working with Dell Software (Used to be Quest Software) solutions for years and their Suite of Office 365 centric solutions are exceptional in quality, width and depth for all environments, on-Premise, Office 365 or hybrid solution. Having your messaging and collaboration platforms in the cloud presents a different set of challenges then your local IT. If you’re considering, or have already made, the transition to cloud-based platforms, like Office 365, you’ll want to get as much out of your investment as possible, so you need to effectively plan for your migration, as well as understand how you will manage your new environment in an automated and centralised way. Whether migrating from on-premises or other cloud-based technologies, you’ll be able to automate administrative tasks and deployment activities, and get complete visibility into your environment with enhanced reporting and auditing capabilities.

Having been in this sector for some 8 years Infostrata has used many tools from many vendors to help us serve our clients efficiently and effectively. Through this period Dell Software has continued to provide the most complete set of Microsodft Centric tools, that stay current and best of breed.

Although we use a lot of our own tooling and are multi-vendor by nature, we use some of these products to provide some of our services and operational management capabilities, we’re also a major reseller and service provider should you need help with any type of Office 365 or SharePoint centric projects.

Seamless migration and consolidation

Mitigate the risk of your Office 365 migration project with these tools and our expertise. We’ll simplify your migration to Office 365 with minimal impact on end users, less risk and fewer resources than you thought possible. Ensure coexistence between your legacy platform and Office 365 to maintain user productivity throughout the entire transition.

Simplified Office 365 management

Stay in control of your messaging and collaboration environment, whether you have Office 365, on-premises technologies or a hybrid of both. Centralised administration allows for better reporting, automation and identity management. If you haven’t already migrated, you can perform pre-migration assessments of your existing messaging platform to effectively plan your target environment and prepare for your move to the cloud.

Effective Office 365 security

Ensure that users accessing Office 365 do so in a secure and efficient manner without building dedicated security around the platform. Properly deployed these solutions will enable you to be able to grant access to users only when they actually need it through just-in-time provisioning, while also unifying governance of all cloud-based applications along with your other applications and access types.