Product and Solution Portfolio

The market for off the shelf products and solutions for Office 365 and SharePoint is exploding, today's mobile phone app culture is coming to the corporate cloud with the same momentum it did to the consumer market. Office 365, SharePoint and Azure (Microsoft’s Productivity Platform) are the fundamental building blocks for the next generation of integrated and scalable solutions for organisations of all sizes. In a few year's time the landscape for business solutions will have radically changed, we are excited to be right in the middle of this shift and we intend to fully embrace it.

As a development company ourselves we are investing heavily in developing Office 365 centric solutions and services. Due to the huge market demand for solutions of all types, we have chosen to put together a ‘portfolio of innovative, best of breed tools and solutions from quality global vendors’ as well as providing our own solutions.

You will find a diverse range of capabilities including migration, integration, BPM, Infrastructure management, productivity, training and much more. Each solution has been chosen because we believe it fills a definite requirement, and offers great value for money to our clients.

Take a look and contact us – were here to help..