Store, Sync and Share your content

Think of OneDrive for Business as a central hub for all your content. You can fill it up with documents, organize them how you want, and easily share them with other people. There’s only one document you have to deal with—and it’s always up to date and in the same place. Instead of lots of people creating multiple versions in different places, everyone can work on the same document—even at the same time—and SharePoint will keep track of everyone’s changes in one place. You don’t even need to be at your desk to get work done together. You can keep reviewing and tweaking your content while on the go, even offline and from virtually any device.


Take advantage of OneDrive for Business so that you can sync your content with the click of a button, access it from virtually anywhere, and share it with anyone.

Quickly loop in colleagues to work together on content at the same time while everyone’s changes to a document are automatically tracked.