Keep Everyone on the Same Page

Wouldn’t it be great if you and your team had a single place where you could get work done together and stay in sync with each other? SharePoint is exactly that kind of place. It’s a home base where your team can share and organize your resources—notes, documents, schedules, conversations, and much more. No more running around to find what you need or get people what they need, just go to your team site, and then share your material instantly with the whole group.


Quickly set up a site where you can store, organize, and share what you need to get your work done together. Customize your site just the way you want with a whole world of apps at your fingertips.

Boost team productivity with a shared notebook that everyone on your site can work together on—even simultaneously—to capture notes from anywhere, on any device and even offline.

Share important information with the people you need through shared mailboxes and calendars that help you stay in sync and up to date