Workflow & Automation

We hear a lot today about the need for lean government and efficient business, much of it brought on by the current economic climate. But the reality is that, in recession or boom, how well your organization copes with processes, could well define its future!
It’s all about process:

  • Any organization can manage its way to star performance, not because it has better people, more money or better products, but because it simply focuses on high business value, via lean processes. 
  • Every organization can find ways of doing what it does better. Managers just need some tools to help them capture, transform, execute and review the results.
  • Once best practice has been adopted, tangible business value and ROI is delivered via process transparency, availability and speed.

All organizations exist around business drivers, people, technology and processes. Current day to day management tends to scrutinise the first three items, yet they don’t have the right tools to strategically optimise processes. Given a capable Business Process Management (BPM) platform and the right guidance, decisions are better founded and business "levers" are better understood. The cost and complexity of BPM tools used to be prohibitive. Now, however, SharePoint-centric solutions can provide an affordable platform for all organizations, regardless of size or complexity, either on-premise or on-line ("cloud").

Some benefits of BPM:

  • Increased value and profitability of operations
  • Reduced process or transaction cycle-times .
  • Work existing system assets harder.
  • Measurement of operational performance against best practice.
  • Increased process accuracy, zero defects and zero-latency.
  • Reduced resource deployment and re-deployment costs.
  • Reduced training and development costs
  • Improved business continuity.
  • Increased control over outsourced processes (BPO).
  • Less time spent on Fire-fighting, more on Strategic thinking.

Summary: Lower transaction costs, enhanced quality and transparency – Qualified ROI.

As a SharePoint-centric Microsoft Gold Partner we have been providing Workflow and Business Process Management (BPM) solutions for more than 8 years.   As an independent service provider utilising best-of-breed products from a variety of BPM vendors, we can help you choose the right platform for your needs.
Our experience includes:

  • SharePoint Workflow .
  • Nintex Workflow.
  • K2.
  • Invensys Skelta.

If you are reviewing your business processes, or thinking of doing so, and wondering how you might re-implement some of your systems using SharePoint, give us a call.  We would like to show you what SharePoint can do for you.