Platform Readiness

Before you dive into building and configuring your organisation’s SharePoint Online environment, there are a few things you should think about.
For example:

  • What elements of SharePoint are you going to leverage and when?
  • What features are quick easy wins, what's harder to do?
  • How will your organisation manage sites and users?
  • How should you go about Setting up your SharePoint Online environment?
  • What content are you going to migrate and why?
  • Do you plan to make special customisations or build any solutions?
  • What governance should be put in place
  • What operational policies will be required to maintain service continuity and performance.

Some of these decisions and associated tasks can be risky and challenging unless you’ve done it before. Infostrata has undertaken this tasks for SMB’s and enterprises alike dozens of times, this experience has allowed us to package this into a repeatable process we can walk you through safely and effectively. This simply means that SharePoint will be up and running faster, cheaper and better.

The approach covers the following no exclusive list of Considerations:

  • SharePoint Overview
  • SharePoint Primary Objectives
  • SharePoint Global Governance Groups (Roles & Responsibilities)
  • Site Collection, Storage & Quota Policies
  • Security Policies
  • Content Policies
  • General Content Policy
  • Content Contribution and Ownership
  • Content Security
  • Discussion Boards/Forums (Yammer & SharePoint Discussion Boards)
  • Document Content Type Standards
  • Page Design & Layout
  • Navigation
  • Images and Other Media
  • Site Standards
  • Classification
  • User Profiles
  • Deployment and Customisation Policies
  • Formal Customisation
  • Informal Customisation
  • Development Standards
  • General Principles
  • Application Development Types
  • App Development Standards
  • Development Environment Standards
  • Support Policies

If you want to be up and running quickly and safely – call us today..