Intranets & Portals

Well-designed Sharepoint Intranets provide an easy way for companies to store and organize shared documents, services, or other operational information internally through an intranet. Acting as a private website, an intranet provides quick and easy collaboration between all employees, easily increasing productivity.

Organizations often struggle to provide a centralised location for corporate communications. Either they don't have an intranet or it is difficult to update, often requiring the IT team to get involved for minor changes. Using SharePoint, we will create and deploy intranets that are easily managed by content authors themselves. Employees can not only discover information but also facilitate collaboration between individuals or teams, all while increasing your business' productivity.

Were experts at deploying intranets, we know the best strategies to make a SharePoint implementation successful. We also know that every industry and every organization is different and unique, so we’ll will work with you to mould it around the needs and culture of your company. However just like branding we find clients rarely know exactly what they want until we show them some carefully chosen example templates that we use to guide us both through our 5 stage process to successfully deploy an intranet solution:

Each stage is equally important, the first two create the structure, governance and training make sure it will be managed and used correctly, the actual deployment needs to meet user expectations even after all this users must be kept engaged, and the intranet should be responsive and agile to their needs. An intranet is an ongoing journey not a destination.

  • Envision and Plan
    • Identify the key goals of the intranet.
    • Educate stakeholders by providing an overview of SharePoint's features and answering any questions that may arise.
    • Interview the different business units to identify their current pain points and what they would like the intranet to achieve with the intranet.
    • Develop a roadmap that identifies how the desired functionality can be delivered in a phased approach.
  • Design and Build
    • Develop an information architecture that suits the needs of your organization and identify any customisations that may be required.
    • Implement the information architecture and any customisations.
  • Governance and Training
    • Develop a Governance plan that meets your company's unique needs.
    • Educate your team on the best practices for managing your SharePoint intranet.
  • Deploy
    • Have a marketing plan.
    • Set expectations.
    • Get it right first time.
    • Make sure good content is available
  • User engagement.
    • Stay agile, allow and promote user feedback.
    • Monitor usage.
    • Good content is king.
    • Promote…Promote…