Internet Sites

SharePoint is a powerful platform for public facing websites. SharePoint 2013 now includes features like image renditions, SEO friendly, mobile support, sharing content across multiple sites (i.e. Extranet to Public Facing) in addition to the standard SharePoint features like document management and security. If you are already utilising you should seriously consider leveraging this single platform for all your web needs.

New device form factors like mobile phones and tablet are starting to dominate a new user experience for the web as such responsive design is needed to allow one website to be published that will support any device of any size to ensure the best possible experience for any user.

We have experience with the intricacies of making a brand shine through on your website, we have also found ways to make this process fast, slick and flexible without having to spend weeks and undertake lots of tricky customisation.  Subject to your requirement we use and range different techniques and tools to create of a rich visitor centric experience.

Our information architecture and design process focuses on drawing attention to information that users frequently need, ensuring SharePoint is used to its maximum.

That's why our process starts with an initial creative interview that includes the review of a range of best of breed sites that demonstrate a range of design concepts. We use this process to focus on your core likes and dislikes then we quickly and efficiently drive you through the process above until we finalise the solution.  We then document this and do a knowledge transfer session so you can own this going forward.