Extranet Sites

Sharing information outside of the organisation with customers, suppliers and other partners adds value to your business; increasing customer service levels, improving communication flow and collaboration. Extranets can also dramatically reduce costs where manual processes and workflows slow down projects and stop your business from delivering on time and on budget.

Due to its wide spread adoption as an intranet content management platform by companies around the world, many look to extend their investment in SharePoint for extranet solutions.

SharePoint's impressive out of the box capabilities make it a great choice for an extranet including user management, a flexible and comprehensive security model, document management, search, alerts and announcements. With the ability to customise the user interface, your extranet can deliver a branded experience as well as delivering relevant information for your partners.

Our Process

We have the skills and expertise to help you deliver a SharePoint extranet experience that that will provide efficiencies for both you, your client’s and your partners. By combining expert technical consulting and SharePoint best practices, our extranet solutions achieve maximum user adoption.

Envision and Plan

Our consultants understand your requirements whether it's security, government compliance or process automation. We will sit down with you and work to understand and document these requirements.

Once we have identified the requirements our expert architects will put together a well-documented vision of you extranet.

Design and Build

Next we focus on implementation of the plan. Our experts will discuss your architectural options in-line with SharePoint best practices whether it’s an on-premise or a hosted solution you need. We will work with your company to establish governance practices for your extranet, establish processes for automating site request and creation, and configure integrations with applications such as Microsoft Dynamics CRM.

In all other instances it’s the same process as developing an intranet: