SharePoint's out-of-the-box features more often than not will meet most requirements, as such we recommend thoroughly using and exploring SharePoint out-of-the box before considering custom development, as this will often save you unnecessary time and money.

However, if you need to extend the functionality of your SharePoint system, we can work collaboratively with you to develop custom SharePoint solutions to meet your unique needs. Our SharePoint consultants can analyse your needs, help you realise the full capabilities of SharePoint then provide recommendations as to the best way forward.

When the business requirements for a new IT system are exacting, with specific demands about look & feel, integration and user behaviour, component approaches alone may not deliver the necessary business benefits. With such requirements bespoke development, whether partly or completely, will be necessary to achieve the required deliverables. 

Even with tailored solutions, the SharePoint platform provides an excellent starting point, with partially-configured or template solutions for a wide range of regular programming tasks.  These include: authentication, access security, searching, document control, workspace & web-page creation, database creation and integration, discussions groups, graphical & tabular displays, menus and web-part creation. This means that tailored development is not really "from scratch" at all; far from it. In fact with the template code provided by Microsoft programmers can avoid reinventing common modules and can concentrate on adding-value.

Development Approaches

Our approach to development depends largely on the shelf-life of the required system.  For systems that are relatively temporary, our approach is most likely to employ browser-based or SharePoint Designer-based development for the bulk of the system.  Where 3rd party components can be used cost-effectively, they will be.  Where custom displays, look & feel and behaviour is required, then these will be coded as in various forms including SharePoint Solutions, Sandbox, Apps or composite.

Development Methodology

Our preference is to run projects using an Agile-style of management. We combine the essential ingredients of more traditional methodologies (User Requirements Specification, System Specification, Integration Testing and User Acceptance Testing) with a cyclical development approach featuring constant monitoring of progress against user requirements and reacting quickly to changes in requirements or shortfalls in progress.  Customers are encouraged to take an active role in the on-going monitoring of progress and the constant reappraisal of priorities. Code is unit tested as it is created as a matter of course.  Specification and testing documentation is maintained in-step with development activities.

Experience, Credentials and Scalability

Infostrata develops collaborative business applications powered by SharePoint.  As a business we have focussed only on SharePoint since incorporation in 2005, we have built many line-of-business systems on SharePoint 2003, 2007, 2010 and more recently on SharePoint 2013 utilising a lot of its new capabilities.  We also have lots of experience delivering solutions for SharePoint online both dedicated and standard.  Our developers are all Microsoft Certified technical specialists and professional developers on SharePoint 2010 and we are currently upgrading everyone to the new 2013 certification components (MCTS, MCPD). 

Such quality gives us the breadth to offer a full range of services as follows:

  • business analysis and strategy alignment
  • business process design and workflow development
  • application design and specification
  • development and deployment
  • on-going support

If you have a business system requirement that you would like to discuss, give us a call.  You may be considering SharePoint, but may not be sure if it is the right fit.  You may be concerned how long the development is likely to take and at what cost.

In order to provide an affordable quality service we maintain a blended delivery model, our project team leaders are all based in the UK but we have our own offshore development teams. These expert team are all directly employed by us and are included in our Microsoft Gold partner status.  We utilise a state of the art development platform that allows us to effectively collaborate both internally and externally.