Design & Implementation

Whether you are starting a completely new collaboration platform, transitioning from a previous solution, or seeking to develop a more robust Intranet or enterprise search application, our experts will work with your organisation to make it happen quickly and efficiently, delivering business value and driving user adoption.

We define a successful Infostrata solution as one that meets the functional and business needs of the client and is actually used by people within the client organisation.

  • Proof of Concept Development

    Since its inception, Infostrata Solutions has been at the forefront of innovation. We understand the challenges organisations face keeping up with changing technology and how to integrate it within their environments. Whether the goal is to validate the technical architecture of a specific mission-critical feature or get buy in from business stakeholders for an overall design direction, we can work with you to define and prototype the required proof of concept.

  • Full Lifecycle Development

    Infostrata Solutions provides full lifecycle implementation services from Envisions and Design through Development and Deployment. We’re experts at developing and implementing robust, secure, user-friendly systems based upon our clients’ unique needs and requirements. Following an initial Envision phase to establish a common vision among the business and technical team members, projects continue in iterative release cycles to design, develop, and deploy functionality. By implementing and delivering features in short cycles, we are able to deliver real value sooner in the process, get early feedback to incorporate back into the implementation cycle, and make adjustments accordingly. This approach of ongoing testing and regular feedback results in higher quality, early visibility, and a more rapid deployment by making necessary adjustments earlier in the process.

  • System Integration

    From integrating your Line of Business applications with your knowledge management platform, to creating dynamic, easy-to-use dashboards, to increased access to information across your enterprise, our enterprise search and application integration services empower your users with the data and information they need to make fast and informed decisions.

  • Migration Services

    The success of any replacement website platform hinges on the migration of content from the legacy platform. Whether you are upgrading to a new version, consolidating or reorganising your platform, our experienced team uses its experience to extract your legacy data and ensure a successful transition to your new platform. The content migration is a collaborative effort between the content owners and Infostrata Solutions, so we can provide effective use of industry tools in line with business decisions around content relevancy.

  • Governance

    Effective governance planning is critical for the ongoing adoption and success of your new solution. We empower our clients with the right tools, processes, and data to standardise and manage their platforms, maintain a secure environment, and adhere to government and industry regulations. With a combination of IT and site governance, we help you preserve your investment and drive user adoption, ensure compliance, and maximise knowledge sharing.