Delivery Methodology

Infostrata Solutions defines a successful solution as one that not only meets the functional and business needs of the client, but one that is actually used by people to achieve the underlying business objectives.

Our approach comprises principles and practices that foster tight alignment between desired business outcomes and the design and implementation work performed to meet those business objectives.

Every implementation engagement begins with an initial in-depth Envision phase. This phase consists of a series of meetings, research and analysis, and discussions between our team and specific stakeholder groups to confirm needs, requirements, and objectives. We then define and document the high-level system architecture and prepare a roadmap for implementation.

With a common vision established among the business and technical team members, projects continue in iterative release cycles to design, develop, and deploy functionality.

By implementing and delivering features in short cycles, we are able to deliver real value sooner in the process, get early feedback to incorporate back into the implementation cycle, and make adjustments accordingly. This approach of ongoing testing and regular feedback results in higher quality, early visibility, and a more rapid deployment by making necessary adjustments earlier in the process.