Build your brand with a website

Everyone knows that getting your name out there is key to your business’s success and that a professional-looking website can help do that. But building and maintaining a website that’s an effective marketing tool can seem daunting and expensive for your resources. Meet your Office 365 public website! It’s fast. It’s easy. And it adds no additional hosting fees, so you save on costs.

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Get your name out there—You can use your own domain name for your website, so the web address will keep the name of your business visible.

Be creative about your business—Creating and updating your own website keeps you creatively engaged with your customers and it helps you communicate the unique nature of your business clearly.

Engage more people—Add Share and Comment buttons to your website to reach new customers on social networks. Update customers with an easy-to-use blog they can add comments to.

Build an effective website fast

You need a website that shows people how professional and unique your business is, but hiring a web designer can be expensive and keeping a site updated can take a lot of time. With Office 365, you can design and build a great-looking site yourself. And you can easily change the content and style to reflect changes in your business or engage people more effectively.

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Easy to build—Save the cost of hiring a web designer. You don’t need any special skills to create a website for your business. With Office 365 you get online tools that are easy to use.

Just as easy to maintain—Updating the content and look of your website regularly keeps people interested and it’s simple with Office 365. Easily add photos or videos and edit text and layout.

Avoid publishing lags—No need to wait once you have a new design or set of ideas. Enter your changes, preview the changes to decide what works best, and then publish in seconds.

Save costs and time

With Office 365, you can design and build your website yourself, which means you save money and you can get your site up quickly to start promoting your business online right away. You can also make updates to your site and manage it easily in your admin centre, which you can access from anywhere. Hosting for your site is included in your Office 365 plan—one more way to simplify your business while saving on costs.

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No hosting fees—With Office 365, there are no additional hosting fees for your website. That saves you money and the trouble of finding a different organization to host your site.

No need to hire experts—You can build, update, and publish you website yourself with the easy-to-use tools in Office 365.

Save time managing your site—With 99.9% guaranteed uptime, you can count on your site being up, accessible to your existing customers and driving new ones to your business.