Security and Trust

Your privacy matters

  • Your data is not used for our advertising
  • We enable you to collaborate but also give you the ability to control information sharing
  • You own and retain all rights to your data in Office 365

Want a more detailed look at Office 365's privacy standards? Read our privacy white paper.

Leadership in transparency

  • You know where your data resides.
  • We are transparent about who can access your data and under what circumstances.
  • If you choose, we keep you updated about changes to data centre locations and other audit information.

Independently verified

  • We stay up to date with today’s ever-evolving industry standards and regulations.
  • Our service is verified to meet requirements specified in ISO 27001, EU model clauses, HIPAA BAA, and FISMA.
  • Our data processing agreement details privacy, security, and handling of customer data, which helps you to comply with local regulations.

Take a look at how our online services compliance framework reduces your risk of operational disruptions while increasing confidence in service stability. Read our Compliance Framework for Online Services white paper.

Relentless on security

  • Our built-in security features are a result of over a decade of providing and protecting online services.
  • We provide flexible security settings that enable you to have control over your information.
  • Our security processes monitor, anticipate, and mitigate threats to protect your data.

For a detailed description of Office 365 security, read our security white paper.

Service continuity

  • We financially back our guarantee of 99.9% uptime.
  • We have redundancy at the physical, data, and functional layers, giving you high availability.
  • We have disaster recovery capabilities to keep you up and running.