File Sharing

Store, sync, and share files simply

One minute you’re working on documents with colleagues nearby, and the next you’re working with customers overseas on different files. No problem with Office in the cloud, which gives you lots of ways to store, organize, and share files with people inside and outside your organization. No headaches over version control, either. Your files are always up to date, so everyone can access the latest master copy.

Two people using a single tablet to collaborate on a file.

Simplify teamwork—Create a new team folder from Outlook easily, without IT support, to help teams get to what they need fast.

Get your files anywhere—With 25 GB of personal document storage, you can store your files online so you can access them anytime, anywhere, from your PC, tablet, or phone.

Share from your personal site—When you store files online in your personal document storage, you can easily share them inside and outside your organization, sync them, and control access.

Share internally and externally

You need to share files, with people inside your company and outside it, and you need to do it simply and with confidence. With Office 365 you can share documents efficiently, while still being able to control who can see and edit each file. You can create, edit, and review documents with others in real time, too, which saves time and keeps everything in sync. With this kind of support for collaboration, you can keep projects moving ahead.

Six people gathered around a table in a meeting room.

Work together on the same file—Invite people outside your organization to access files online. You control who gets to see and edit what. Easily add, respond to, and track comments and status updates.

The power of social networking—Enterprise plans include social networking to enhance collaboration and spark innovation. Get updates on docs and sites delivered automatically.

Find shared documents fast—No need to hunt down the document a colleague or partner shared with you. You can find it fast with the Shared with me view in your personal online storage site.

Keep teams in sync

Collaboration is the way business gets done today, but the challenge of collaboration is keeping everyone working together on the most recent version of a document, to avoid time-wasting. Office 365 gives you many different ways to help ensure that everyone can find exactly the files they need fast and that all team members are moving forward together.

Three team members using tablets and a laptop to collaborate.

Organize project email—Keep project emails and shared documents together in one place with a project-specific mailbox only team members can access, so no time is wasted searching for what you need.

Use team sites for projects—Manage who has access to the team site. Automatic policies, rights protection, and archiving help safeguard your team assets.

Build blogs and wikis—Share ideas using blogs and wikis to build team unity and project momentum. To help track the progress of projects, you can assign tasks across a team and see them on a timeline.