Azure IoT and Big Data

What is Azure cloud computing all about?

The Internet of Things does not need to be complicated. It doesn’t have to be about billions of devices. The Internet of Things is here today, and it’s a practical and applicable technology trend that can generate return on investment (ROI) and drive efficiencies and insights for organizations that know how to leverage it. Across the globe every day, businesses are connecting their things and harnessing their data to create powerful new business value. Connecting devices to IT systems is only the first step. The real value lies in the data that is transmitted from those devices, and the compelling business insights this data can enable. These connected “things” are producing large amounts of information. By tapping into those data streams and connecting them to the cloud and back-end systems, organizations can optimize business processes, make more informed decisions, identify new revenue opportunities, and understand and predict customer and partner behaviours in ways they couldn’t imagine before.

We believe the Internet of Things can make a difference to your business right now—beginning with the things in your business that matter the most. It’s really the Internet of Your Things, and it starts by building on the infrastructure you already have in place, using familiar devices and services in new ways, and incorporating the right technology to ultimately help you use data to create insights and make more informed business decisions.

Take all this technology and integrate it with solutions like Office 365, CRM, SharePoint Online and you immediately extend its reach and power to all your users in ways they can easily engage with and adopt – this takes things to a new level again. As early adopters Infostrata Solutions can guide you through the opportunities that this technology might offer your business. With projects involving healthcare, asset tagging, hospitality and others, it’s clear there’s plenty of demand.

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Use diverse data storage and processing services

The data landscape is more varied than ever with unstructured and structured data originating from many cloud and on-premises sources. We can now process on-premises data like SQL Server, together with cloud data like Azure SQL Database, Blobs, and Tables. These data sources can be composed, processed, and monitored through simple, highly available, fault-tolerant data pipelines.


Transform data into information

Combining and shaping complex data can take more than one try to get right, and changing data models can be costly and time consuming. These new capabilities mean you can focus on transformative analytics while the service takes care of the plumbing. We support Hive, Pig and C# processing, along with key processing features such as automatic Hadoop (HDInsight) cluster management, re-tries for transient failures, configurable timeout policies, and alerting.

Monitor data pipelines in one place

With a diverse data portfolio, it’s important to have a reliable and complete view of your storage, processing, and data movement services. We can help you quickly assess end-to-end data pipeline health, pinpoint issues, and take corrective action if needed. Visually track data lineage and the relationships between your data across any of your sources. See a full historical accounting of job execution, system health, and dependencies from a single monitoring dashboard.

Get rich insights from transformed data

Adapt to the constantly changing questions that your organization needs to answer, and stay on top of when your data production is ready to go. Improve your ability to drive better business insights by producing timely and trusted information for consumption. Use data pipelines to deliver transformed data from the cloud to on-premises sources like SQL Server, or keep it in your cloud storage sources for consumption by BI and analytics tools and other applications.


  1. Low costs and pay as you go
  2. Agility
  3. Flexibility
  4. Big Data & Analytics
  5. Development of software faster more scalable easier to manage
  6. Better upgradeability
  7. The green dimension
  8. Superior Safety
  9. Easier management
  10. More versatile business platform

The Building Blocks

Event Hubs - Cloud-scale telemetry ingestion from websites, apps, and devices

  • Log millions of events per second in near real time
  • Connect devices with flexible authorization and throttling
  • Time-based event buffering
  • Managed service with elastic scale
  • Broad platform reach with native client libraries
  • Pluggable adapters for other cloud services

Connection Centre - Securely connect, manage, capture and transform machine-generated data

  • Take business (LoB) assets, such as industry devices and sensors, regardless of OS platform
  • Harness machine-generated data
  • Link to Power BI and HD Insight for analytics to produce meaningful insights
  • Agents and open-source agent software to support heterogeneous operating systems and protocols across LoB assets
  • Alleviating barriers from custom solutions that take many months to implement and may have limitations supporting diverse environments
  • Better, quicker results, accelerating adoption and deployment to yield enterprise value
  • A unified approach enterprise-grade security

Notification Hub - Send push notifications to any platform, from any backend

  • Reach all major platforms-iOS, Android, Windows, Kindle
  • Use with any backend, cloud or on-premises
  • Target millions of devices with single API call
  • Tailor notifications by audience, language, location
  • Scale instantly to millions of devices
  • Dynamically define and reach audience segments

Stream Analytics - Real-time stream processing in the cloud

  • Stream millions of events per second
  • Perform real-time analytics
  • Correlate across multiple streams of data
  • Reliable performance and predictable results
  • No hardware to deploy
  • Rapid development with familiar SQL-like language

Machine Learning - Powerful cloud-based predictive analytics

  • Fully managed: No hardware or software to buy
  • Integrated: Drag, drop and connect
  • Best in Class Algorithms: Proven solutions from Xbox & Bing
  • R Built In: Use over 350 R packages or bring your own R code
  • Deploy in Minutes: Operationalize with a click

HDInsight - Apache Hadoop-based service in the cloud

  • Scale to petabytes on demand
  • Process unstructured and semi-structured data
  • Develop in Java, .NET, and more
  • No hardware to buy or maintain
  • Pay only for what you use
  • Spin up a Hadoop cluster in minutes
  • Visualize your Hadoop data in Excel
  • Easily integrate on-premises Hadoop clusters