Cloud Immersion Experience Lab

Microsoft CIE Lab - Derby Office

Microsoft’s new Office 365 environment is changing the IT horizon for thousands of organisations, big and small alike – explore what’s in it for you, in our Customer Experience Centre!

A while ago Microsoft created the idea of a Customer Immersion Experience (CIE) centre, which was intended to provide a hands-on introduction to what it really feels like to use a fully implemented Office 365/SharePoint/Azure centric cloud business solution.

Infostrata’s next generation of this concept adds support for many of the typical non-Microsoft technologies you are likely to use or consider using. A CIE session is not a generic demo about all the features Microsoft products offer; it’s a true-to-life user experience that takes you through common work-related scenarios. All scenarios provide support the general goal of doing work on any device, anywhere, on the move, in the office at home – no compromises, safely under your control.

  • Create, store, Sync and Share your information
  • Work with teams near or far
  • Plan, communicate and run projects big or small
  • Find what you need, search as you have never seen it before
  • Beautiful reporting – Spreadsheets, Dashboards, KPIs, Business Intelligence – more powerful but simpler!

It also gives you a first-hand look at the fast and fluid user experience across a variety of devices, including tablets, PCs, and smartphones – Microsoft, Android and Apple included – Bring your own device as well and participate (BYOD).